Utterly hypnotic. It may not fit into any aural pigeon holes, but you’ll definitely find a home for the soundscape on your playlists It’s not all too often we can so assuredly say that you’ve never heard anything quite like this before. If you regularly find yourself on the hunt for truly authentic artists, look no further.” - Amelia Vandergast

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Who is BL BEX?

B is for Ben, L is for Lexie, Bex is for both.


‘L’, aka Lexie Green, is a prolific Americana Singer/Songwriter with family roots in California. Recently introduced by the BBC Radio 2 legend Bob Harris on the ‘BBC Introducing’ stage at ‘The Long Road Festival’, over the past decade Lexie has released multiple albums receiving 5 Star international reviews, international song writing awards with BBC 6 Music and BBC regional airplay.


‘B’, aka Ben Cozens, is Music Producer and award winning Sound Designer who runs the studio Dustless Digital. As a club DJ during the 90’s, Ben’s background hails predominantly from dance music. This coupled with his day-to-day professional career in ‘sound design’ has influenced his particular style of music production.


One rainy Saturday morning 'B' found himself at an impromptu gig in a record shop (Bob’s Records). The performing artist was Lexie Green, a prolific Americana singer/songwriter.  Looking for a specific sound for an upcoming film score, Ben approached Lexie in order to see if there could be scope for a collaboration. Their writing and compositional work for the upcoming film (Ari Rubenstien’s ‘Small Blue Shadow’) began to generate a surplus wealth of musical ideas beyond those required for the score. And so, a separate dedicated collaboration began… 


A sonic ‘fusion’ cooking – ‘L’ writes the base recipe with her lyrics, guitar and keys, ’B’ collects, records and produces the ingredients … then together, they both bake the cake!

Exquisite” - Tom Robinson

— BBC 6 Music, BBC Introducing

Full marks for originality of vision and for taking us to another world for a little while.” - Neil March

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