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September... where did all the time go? 

Been a bit lapse on the blog front, sorry guys.


🤔 so what have we been up to?  Well it's been non stop over the summer... We've nailed another bunch of tunes, so the total completed tunes now is eight with a few we're still playing around with.  So the album is on track for next spring 🙌🙌


Last week Ben & I had a fabulous meeting with Mr J, someone I've known for many years and who is widely known and respected for his artist support services (ooo sounds very secretive 😆)  We are very happy to say he will be helping us, going forward, with our day to day support.



We are a bit excited to say we will be releasing another single in a few weeks...  (expected date October 2nd) but of course with the 'abnormal normal' now happening it all sits in the hands of our distributor... so please do pop back here or keep an eye on Facebook and Insta for the update.  We know you are going to love this one... what to expect from us this time? Electro Swing!  It's so BL Bex and we love this genre!  


Keep safe, keep smiling... keep sane. 🤪🤘🏼 ~ L ~



... so who in their right mind would plan to start a new collaboration and release their debut singles at the start of a pandemic????  

We would! 😆🙌🙌🙌

We hope this news blog finds you and your loved ones safe and well ❤️

We've not been busier here at BL Bex Central.  Ben and I have been working remotely from our own studio's on the album.  It's been a little frustrating not being able to bash out the final version of the songs in real time face to face in the same room, but something we're used to and in hindsight have been doing since last year, so actually no biggie.

🤔 I think we're half way through the album... 4 songs already mastered, 4 in various stages of completion. and a handful of tunes ready to throw into the pot.  So I guess lock down hasn't slowed us down too much.

We made a decision to vacate Twitter...  and still have no plans to join Facebook, but we remain on Instagram so do go say 'Hi' and maybe a follow?  😊

We've a new single out next week 'Rainbow Plan' followed by the official video... blog to follow.   if you follow us on Spotify then you'll already have notification already our new single is coming out.  

Right then... back to work... keep safe, keep smiling.

Ben & Lexie

(BL Bex)


Amazing review came in today for "There's the Way'! 

We've been a bit quiet for a while on the social media side as we've been so busy working on the next tunes.   But we had to take a few moments out of our  studio's to share this fantastic review by A&R Factory that went online today...  it's so amazing... thank you!!!


"Up and coming duo BL Bex’s latest single “There’s the Way” is utterly hypnotic. With elements of Art Pop, Psych Rock, Neo-Soul and Alt Blues Folk weaved into the indulgently immersive single it may not fit into any aural pigeon holes, but you’ll definitely find a home for the soundscape on your playlists.  

Lexie Green’s smoothly accordant, sensually quiescent Americana Blues vocals rise above the beats deftly orchestrated by producer Ben Cozens which offer beguilingly distinctive ambient layers to get lost within. For extra added alchemy, BL Bex enlisted the virtuosic prowess of guitarist Chris Hooks. 

It’s not all too often we can so assuredly say that you’ve never heard anything quite like this before. If you regularly find yourself on the hunt for truly authentic artists, look no further. 

You can check out There’s The Way for yourselves by heading over to BL Bex’s official website."

Review by Amelia Vandergast




 Stay safe, keep smiling and be kind to each other - B&L



Bank holiday, sunshine and studio time. 

This week Ben & I have been busy in our (separate) studio's working on the next couple of tracks... pre-lockdown we would normally do most of the writing and mixing separately.  We would then get together at Ben's studio once a week for a catch up and to go through the tracks together.  So for us the lockdown has just meant we have to do the catch up by phone and email therefore work continues as normal. (Thank goodness for the internet!)

The debut singles are doing well, we've had some great feedback, reviews are just starting to come in (early days still) and the video for 'Be Alright' is picking up plays on You Tube so we're super happy about that.  Thank you  so much to everyone who is sharing, re-tweeting and streaming the tunes... please keep doing what you're doing it really does make a huge difference for us. ❤️ 

Psssttt... it was also Ben's birthday this week... 😎😁🎂🍾


Release day! 

Today is the day!   Months of recording and mixing, flicking of elastic bands at each other, scratching of heads and many many bags of pistachios have been consumed to get us here.  We are super proud we have achieved so much in the past week and especially that the tunes have been received so well by you all. ❤️

So the debut tunes are out and  tonight we air the premier of the music video for 'Be Alright' on You Tube... after then I guess it's up to you guys.  If you like the tunes please please share... 


Right then.  Back to work.  New songs to be worked on. 


Stay safe, be good to each other...

 Lexie 🤠

Fresh On The Net 

Wow and wowzers... so proud that our tune 'There's the Way' was voted to be part of Fresh on The Net's Fresh Faves this week!

It's not released until next week so we wondered how it would be received... and oh my!  Thank you so much Neil March and to Mr Tom Robinson for voting on it as one of his top 5's this week.

Simply amazing!  Thank you 🙏🏻❤️