Amazing review came in today for "There's the Way'!

We've been a bit quiet for a while on the social media side as we've been so busy working on the next tunes.   But we had to take a few moments out of our  studio's to share this fantastic review by A&R Factory that went online today...  it's so amazing... thank you!!!


"Up and coming duo BL Bex’s latest single “There’s the Way” is utterly hypnotic. With elements of Art Pop, Psych Rock, Neo-Soul and Alt Blues Folk weaved into the indulgently immersive single it may not fit into any aural pigeon holes, but you’ll definitely find a home for the soundscape on your playlists.  

Lexie Green’s smoothly accordant, sensually quiescent Americana Blues vocals rise above the beats deftly orchestrated by producer Ben Cozens which offer beguilingly distinctive ambient layers to get lost within. For extra added alchemy, BL Bex enlisted the virtuosic prowess of guitarist Chris Hooks. 

It’s not all too often we can so assuredly say that you’ve never heard anything quite like this before. If you regularly find yourself on the hunt for truly authentic artists, look no further. 

You can check out There’s The Way for yourselves by heading over to BL Bex’s official website."

Review by Amelia Vandergast




 Stay safe, keep smiling and be kind to each other - B&L



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